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Kindness Animal Hospital Offers Laser Therapy Treatments for Pets

Tiffany O 'Donnell

Laser therapy has long been used in human medical treatments, and in recent years it has been introduced into veterinary care as well. This therapy option has been proven to relieve pain and discomfort, minimize swelling, and increase healing time in post-surgical or wound treatment applications. We often use laser therapy for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Acute & Chronic Pain
  • Back Injuries
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Inflammation & Edema
  • Wound Healing
  • Tendon & Soft Tissue Injuries

Bentley Mikovits


How Does Laser Therapy Work

 When a laser therapy treatment is conducted, the tool used emits a low-level laser light, or cold laser, which is applied to the surface of the skin right at the affected area that needs treatment. This is an entirely non-invasive procedure. The light is used to stimulate the cells, promoting regeneration by increasing blood circulation.

A typical treatment will last between 10 and 20 minutes. Pets tend to find the treatment to be relaxing and peaceful. Results may not be apparent immediately, but many pet owners report that their pets are feeling better, showing renewed interest in the things they love, and moving around with greater ease after just a few therapy sessions.

While we often recommend laser therapy in conjunction with other treatment options, this therapy option has been proven to work wonders for pets. It stimulates the healing process, or in cases where the condition is incurable, such as with chronic arthritis, it reduces inflammation at the site, helping your pet to return to minimized pain and nearly normal function.

Want to Try Laser Therapy?

 If you believe that your pet may be a candidate for laser therapy, or if they have begun to slow down because of age, we would love to talk with you about the possibilities offered by laser therapy! We invite you to contact the Kindness Animal Hospital team today to set up a consultation with our team.