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The Importance of Grooming for Pets

Pet Grooming in Cape Coral, FL

The Kindness Animal Hospital team offers grooming services to our patients, but not just for the benefit of fresh, sweet-smelling pets! We want your pet to have complete, well-rounded veterinary care, and grooming services are often an important part of this!

The Benefits of Grooming

There are a number of health benefits to veterinary grooming that our team takes very seriously at Kindness Animal Hospital. Some of the benefits of grooming include:

  • Bathing can ensure that allergens are removed from the coat and skin
  • Brushing helps our groomers eliminate situations where matted fur is preventing normal activity or causing discomfort for a pet
  • Brushing helps promote a healthy coat and healthy skin
  • Ear cleaning helps our groomers identify if yeast infections are present and veterinary medical attention may be required
  • Ear cleaning helps to ensure that ear canals are open and clear
  • Grooming allows for a complete physical check, giving our groomers the opportunity to address any health concerns they may find by bringing them to the attention of our veterinarians
  • Nail trims ensure that pet’s paws are healthy and walking is comfortable for them
  • …and so many more!

We invite you to call the Kindness Animal Hospital team to set up a grooming and bathing appointment with us, for the benefit of your pet’s appearance and their health.