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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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As a pet owner, you want your dog or cat to have fun and be safe during the holidays, including Halloween. Since this time of year can sometimes be dangerous for pets, Kindness Animal Hospital in Cape Coral, FL recommends that you consider the following basic Halloween tips to keep your fur baby safe.


  1. Choose Your Pet’s Costume Wisely


If your pet cooperates with wearing a costume, make sure to choose one that’s safe, comfortable, and well-fitting. Avoid purchasing a costume that have pieces that can be easily chewed off and cause a choking hazard. The bottom line? There are good costume choices, and there are bad ones, so choose yours wisely. If your pet seems distraught while wearing the costume, it’s best to just let them wear their “birthday suit” instead.


  1. Use Caution with Decorations


When lighting candles and jack-o-lanterns, make sure to place them in an area where your pet can’t easily bump into them. Also keep in mind that eating pumpkin could cause an upset stomach for pets. Other potentially dangerous Halloween decorations include wires and cords, which many cats have been known to nibble on.


  1. Don’t Feed Your Pet Candy


As a rule of thumb, avoid giving your dog or cat any sweet foods. Chocolate contains an ingredient that’s toxic to pets and can cause them to become very sick if ingested. Candy and gum with the artificial sweetener xylitol is also toxic and can result in a drop in blood sugar. If you ever suspect that your pet has eaten a toxic food, call Kindness Animal Hospital as soon as possible at (239) 542-7387 or (239) 945-0111.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Pet


With your front door constantly opening and closing, your pet might feel tempted to run outside to greet—or chase—the trick-or-treaters. For your pet’s safety and that of your guests, keep your pet in an area away from the front door. Also limit your pet’s time outdoors, since Halloween is the time of year when many pets tend to go missing.


  1. Make Sure Your Pet Has ID


In the event that your pet DOES go missing, having proper identification can increase the chances of being reunited with you. Make sure your pet’s ID tag is updated and securely fastened to their collar. If you want a permanent form of identification, ask a Kindness Animal Hospital representative about microchipping.


Let us know if you have any questions about these Halloween pet safety tips or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your pet.