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Bridgette’s Story

While driving home one day in Fort Myers, FL, Rosemary Arway found herself in the right place at the right time. As she was crossing over the Cape Coral bridge, she spied a tiny black kitten cowering near a concrete divider that was dangerously close to the traffic that zoomed by. Rosemary wasn’t able to stop, but she wasn’t about to leave that kitten alone. She turned her car around as soon as she was able, and came back to the bridge. The kitten was still there, and when Rosemary scooped the tiny animal up, she found the kitten to be wet, shivering, and bleeding.

Another driver had seen the kitten, and expressed his concern. Rosemary said she would take the kitten to the closest veterinary hospital straight away, and the man was so grateful for her kindness that he chipped in $40 for the vet bill.


Throughout this “rescue” Rosemary had been talking to her sister on the phone. She asked her sister to locate the closest veterinary hospital and send her the address, so no time would be wasted. Her sister found the address for Kindness Animal Hospital, and off Rosemary drove with the little kitten.

As soon as Rosemary arrived and told the staff what had happened, they quickly took action. Dr. Arlyne Salcedo and several other staff members began an assessment on the kitten. They determined that their patient was a “she”, and that she had sustained a severe concussion, numerous abrasions including serious lacerations by her mouth and eye, and a fractured tail. She stayed under the care of the staff and veterinarians for the rest of the day.

When Rosemary went back to Kindness Animal Hospital to check on Bridgette – the name her husband later chose for the kitten – she got an update on the kitten’s health. She would need to be on many medications, and have part of her tail amputated. But the little black kitten was going to make it.

“Dr. Salcedo was a wonderful resource on what I needed to do in helping ‘transition’ Bridgette from being a highly frightened and skittish kitten to a relaxed kitty,” Rosemary said. “Dr. Salcedo suggested several interventions that I used and the metamorphosis was extraordinary.  Her knowledge of behavioral issues was extraordinary.”

Bridgette was closely monitored during the next few weeks by the staff at Kindness Animal Hospital. She made a full recovery, and now lives with Rosemary, her husband, and their three dogs, four horses, and four cats.

“I am so grateful for the extraordinary care and compassion that the entire staff at Kindness Animal Hospital demonstrated,” Rosemary said. “And we are so confident in their ability and so impressed with their sincerity that we are moving all our pet’s care to them.”

Rosemary sends a special thanks to Dr. Salcedo and vet tech Frankie for being there for Bridgette.