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Microchipping is too often viewed as an extraneous service. Yet, it is actually one of the most important things you can do for your pet and their long-term well-being. With a pet microchip, you’re giving them a lifeline back to you—a special designation as a member of your family. With every pet, there is a risk they could leave home or even be stolen. With a microchip, dog and cat owners alike can have the peace of mind knowing their pet has a permanent link back to them. At Kindness Animal Hospital, we use the Avid FriendChip and their PETtrac global recovery network for all our pet microchips.

What is the Avid FriendChip?

Avid FriendChip is a brand of microchip that works much like any other. It is a tiny device that we implant beneath the skin between the shoulder blades of your pet. Microchips have a unique ID number encoded into each one. The device transmits this ID number when it is scanned by a chip reader. Whenever your pet leaves the house, whether with you or without, they’ll have their identification. Unlike a collar, it cannot break or be removed. If your pet is lost and brought to a shelter, veterinarian, or rescue, they’ll be scanned and your unique ID number will appear. Your pet’s rescuers will then call Avid’s 24-hour hotline, where they’ll match the ID number with your contact information on PETtrac’s global database.

Maintaining Your Contact Information in PETtrac

When it comes to a lost pet, microchips are only part of the equation. Once your pet is microchipped, it’s up to you to maintain your contact information on PETtrac’s database. PETtrac has dedicated recovery specialists on call 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you in recovering your pet. We’ll give you detailed information about how to register on PETtrac once we give your pet their microchip. Dog and cat owners benefit from the full support of PETtrac’s reliable team.

Contact Us Today for a Pet Microchip

Implanting the chip is a quick procedure, and can easily be combined with other services your pet may need. At their next appointment, ask us about a pet microchip for your furry friend!

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