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Pet Vaccinations: Individually Tailored Programs

Vaccinations at Kindness Animal Hospital are chosen based on each pet’s individual needs. We believe that protecting pets from deadly diseases in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral is extremely important, and we tailor our vaccination protocol to the individual lifestyles, breeds, and needs of our patients. For each patient, we will conduct a customized examination and discussion with you to determine a plan that bests suits them.

Preventive Health Profiles

At Kindness Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of wellness packages specifically designed for the needs of your pet. Each package includes diagnostic work-ups that match your pet’s needs, age, and lifestyle.

Dietary Counseling for Pets

We provide guidance for each pet’s nutritional needs, depending on their life stage, health condition, weight management concerns, and more.

Pet Behavior Counseling

Is your dog or cat misbehaving? We can provide counseling and advice for certain behavioral issues including but not limited to barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling, aggression, and more. Some changes in cat and dog behavior may be linked to physical changes so it is possible that we will recommend diagnostic testing as well.

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